Common Misconceptions About Vegetarianism – Important Things You Need to Know

Vegetarianism is both a diet regimen and a lifestyle. It is marked by eating only plant-based foods and shunning meat like pork and beef. While pure vegetarians or vegans only consume plant foods and consider all meat, including fish, and anything derived from meat sources, such as eggs and dairy, off-limits, there are other kinds of vegetarians who allow dairy products into their diet. They are called lacto-ovo-vegetarians. Flexitarians or semi-vegetarians eat mostly a vegetarian

Quick and Easy Dinner Recipes

Sometimes getting dinner on the table seems like a daunting task, but with a little preplanning, it can be quick and easy and even save you money. These quick and easy dinner recipes make getting dinner on the table faster than ordering take-out!

This first recipe is great for the Mexican food lover. The soup and sour cream combine with the taco sauce and chilies to create a creamy but flavor filled sauce. The

Recipe for a Delicious Beef Bourguignon

Known to previously be a peasant dish before it made its way to being haute cuisine, beef bourguignon is a French dish where beef is simmered in wine. Here is one recipe you will definitely have to give a try!

Before cooking, you should prepare the following ingredients. You will need 2 lbs of stewing beef cut into 2 inch cubes, 2 tablespoons of flour that has been seasoned with salt and black pepper, 4

Healthy And Delicious Tuna Recipes

With its firm meaty texture, medium flavour and a great source of Omega 3 tuna is an excellent fish to eat all year round. Although more traditionally people associated tuna with the tinned variety, tuna steaks are becoming increasingly popular in restaurants and homes. TV chefs have brought the publics attention to the fast and simple ways to prepare tuna dishes and promote the health benefits of eating tuna.

Tuna is very easy to cook.

Save Money With Chicken Wings And Other Bargain Meats

The popularity of Buffalo-style chicken wings in trendy bars and restaurants has proven that with a little creative cooking, economy cuts can be crowd pleasers. In these times of financial uncertainty, one of the most effective ways to reduce your grocery bill is to learn to make the most out of the least expensive types of meat. Here are a few money-saving meal ideas to try at home.

Chicken wings are the least costly form